FiiO Q1 Mark II Headphone Amp/DAC

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A new affordable headphone amp and DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) the Fiio Q1 is perfect for any computer audiophile on a budget!  The Q1 supports USB connection with any computer to allow higher quality sound from any PC or Mac.  The Fiio Q1 can also be used with any analog input as well like a smart phone or MP3 player for a completely versatile application.  There is a rechargeable Li-Poly battery rated at 1400 mAh which can provide nearly 30 hours of play time using a 32 ohm headphone at normal listening volume.  You can expect less play time with a more demanding headphone, but the battery life of this compact design is still extremely impressive.  A high/low gain switch will allow more or less power output depending on how demanding the headphones are being used with this unit.  There is also a bass boost switch to allow for a bit more bottom end impact if needed.  The all metal compact design of the Q1 is perfect for a portable application as well as for use on a desktop.  It will be hard to find this many features crammed into another headphone amp and DAC at this price point.



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